Your Little Voice Says to You, "You're No Good."

When we say or do something wrong, say you lost your temper and blew up or gave in to some sin, 2 forces automatically begin to operate: Fear & Pride.

  • Fear says, "I'm no good. I'm so bad. I'll never change. I'll never make progress. What's wrong with me?"
  • Pride says, "I'm better than that. I'm more mature than that. I'm not as bad as them."
Based on our fear and pride, we beat ourselves up, and we try harder, try to do better, work harder, and push ourselves more. Is this a problem?

The problem is that we functionally think it's entirely up to me to shape up and improve myself, even though "I believe in Jesus" in my mind. Trying harder might work to an extent. But the heart is still operationally selfish, being still motivated by fear and pride, which only feeds our own ego. What then can we do?

As Christians, we must learn to apply the gospel practically to ourselves in our specific situation. Only the gospel is able to effect heart transformation and solve the intractable selfishness of our own hearts. How?

Only the gospel says, "Jesus had to die for you because you're so bad." This solves the problem of our pride in thinking that I'm better than that.

At the same time, the gospel says, "Jesus was glad to die for you because he loves you." This solves the problem of our fear that I'm doomed because I'm no good.

It is true that we're no good; even the best among us are no good at all on account of our sins. But it is also true that only because of the cross of Christ we are most loved even though we're no good.

Only in Christ is found our entire valuation, validation and vindication.

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