32 Things Thankful For in 2010 from the Marvellous to the Mundane

What a priceless privilege for the gift called life (John 1:4)! Below is an incomplete list of thanksgiving to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for 2010. (The mundane items at the bottom are easier to read.) Please share yours if you wish to.
  1. The Grace of Jesus that is greater than all my sins (Mk 2:5; Ps 51:4).
  2. My dear wife who has always loved me for 30 years, in spite of myself.
  3. My 4+2 kids whom my God is watching over far better than I ever did/could.
    • Sam becoming a high school Math teacher, and Anna a wonderful mom
    • Agi's happy married life, and Geoff a gentle man of God
    • Paul working, then starting seminary at Trinity
    • Benji dating Carolyn
  4. My dear friends who genuinely smile (and sigh) when they listen to my unending extemporaneous streams of consciousness (and anger).
  5. Studying Galatians and discovering that freedom is not only freedom from immorality, but especially freedom from legalism--those weak, miserable, worthless elemental principles of the world (Gal 4:9,3).
  6. Blog 1 chapter of the Bible a day since Sep (on most days). Kudos to my friend Mark Willis who inspired me to do so. Finished Proverbs, 1 Corinthians, Hebrews, Isaiah (by Jan 2011).
  7. Furnishing my church office on the 3rd floor of the UIC Bible house, presently my favorite place this side of heaven. On Mon after Christmas, I was there from 8 am to midnight. Thanks, Len, for taking the initiative.
  8. West Loop Church has lovely godly Christians. What a joy, honor and privilege to know them! This is nothing but heaven on earth.
  9. West Loop men who teach and exhort me (Heb 3:13): Rhoel, Tim, Art, Jim, Henry, Len, Luis, Ed, Mike, my 4 kids. Others include Teddy, Mark Y, Abraham L, Joe S, Sam L, Mark W, Nate T, Nathan W, Charles K, Ben W, Dave L, Anthony C, Steve S, Dave W, etc.
  10. Meeting my Filipino friends in Manila who love Jesus.
  11. The Peaces planting a church in Podil.
  12. Visiting my family in Malaysia and sharing the gospel with them.
  13. Starting a 3 pm informal service on Sun (even with just 1 person).
  14. Learning from countless online sermons/lectures by Tim Keller, DA Carson, Piper, Chapell, Hirsch, Begg, Armstrong, etc, and books by John Stott, Spurgeon, ML-Jones, etc.
  15. Daily thoughts/reflections regarding the gospel, the cross, grace, sin, etc.
  16. Dealing with/repenting of my deep rooted sin/idolatry of self glory.
  17. UBFriends.org
  18. Meeting every Wed morning with 2 church planters, Mark Willis and Nate Turner, all year.
  19. Corresponding via email with my childhood friend of 50 years from Singapore, sometimes multiple times a day.
  20. Being self-employed and semi-retired (by the grace of God and my wife).
  21. Aging gracefully and not so gracefully most of the time. Hate the baby fat.
  22. Weekly dinner dates with my wife (most weeks).
  23. Nightly watching the news or part of a movie with my wife while she falls asleep on the couch next to me.
  24. Losing 5 lbs and keeping my weight under 160 lbs (72 kg).
  25. Eating 1 main meal a day on most days.
  26. Doing 6 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, and 100 sit-ups at least once a week. Need cardio, but hate to sweat!
  27. Making my daily espresso poison, I mean latte, with coconut milk or truffle oil.
  28. Babysitting my grandson James on many Fri evenings. I learned that babies need CONSTANT attention.
  29. Made $1,500 (before short term capital gains tax) with a $10,000 account trading stocks (15%). I can't make a living doing this, but it is a daily or weekly diversion.
  30. Chicago Bears getting a first round bye.
  31. Chicago Bulls playing better with Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer.
  32. Chicago Blackhawks winning the championship.

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