Fear Not, For I Am Your God (Isaiah 41)

God Rules History (Isa 41:1-7)

God challenged the nations that refused to wait on him (Isa 40:31) to come before God (Isa 41:1). Cyrus the Great, leader of the rising Persian Empire, would soon conquer Babylon (Isa 44:24-45:7) and the nations in his way (Isa 41:2,3), thus revealing that God alone orders human history (Isa 41:4). But instead of turning to God, the nations turned to their created idols (Isa 41:5-7).

Fear Not (Isa 41:8-20)

Because of their sins, God's people stumbled in fear. So, God repeatedly said, "Fear not" (Isa 41:10,13,14). Their only basis to not fear is God's promise: "I am your God who has chosen and called you (Isa 41:8,9), and who is with you to strengthen you, help you and redeem you" (Isa 41:10,13,14). No one can defeat them (Isa 41:11,12,15,16). God himself will refresh them (Isa 41:17-20).

Stupid Idols (Isa 41:21-29)

Since idols are man-made, they are nothing and less than nothing (Isa 41:24), and nothing but a delusion (Isa 41:29). Yet man in his folly depends on his idols. God's challenge (Isa 41:1,21) is this: "How can you be so stupid to think that your idols can save you?"

Practical Application: Fear rules when we look around or look within. Faith grows when we look up at Him who rules history.

Simple Principle: "Fear not, for I am your God" (Isa 41:10).

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