God Will Humble the Proud (Isaiah 23)

In this prophecy God humbles Sidon (Isa 23:4) and Tyre (Isa 23:1-14), a successful port on the Phoenician coast, known as "the marketplace of the nations" (Isa 23:3), and characterized as the world's prostitute (Isa 23:15-17), because she lived by an "anything for money" ethic. God will judge her for her pride and redeem her by his grace (Isa 23:15-18).

God's Plan is to Humble the Proud (Isa 23:1-14)

Isa 23:9 says, "The LORD Almighty planned it, to bring down her pride in all her splendor and to humble all who are renowned on the earth."

Set Apart for the Lord (Isa 23:15-18)

Isa 23:18 says, "Yet her profit and her earnings will be set apart for the LORD; they will not be stored up or hoarded. Her profits will go to those who live before the LORD, for abundant food and fine clothes."

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