The Difference Between God's Rule and Man's Rule (Isaiah 31,32)

Stop Trusting Man, Return To God (Isaiah 31:1-9)
Isaiah repeatedly exposes Judah's (God's people) futility in trusting Egypt (man), rather than God (Isa 31:1), the only source of true security (Isa 31:5). God would frustrate them (Isa 31:2-4), until they repent and turn back to God (Isa 31:6-9).
The Rule of God and Godly Leaders (Isaiah 32:1-20)
People are happy according to how their leaders rule/lead them. Bad leaders make their people trust them and their secret plans (Isa 28:15; 29:15). But God's Messiah (king) and godly leaders (prince) "will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land" (Isa 32:1,2; Ps 46:1; 1 Pe 5:1-4). Godly leadership brings receptive hearts (Isa 32:3,4), no false appraisals of leadership qualities (Isa 32:5), and nobly caring for the disenfranchised (Isa 32:6-8). Isaiah also warns and threatens lazy women with impending disaster for their bad influence (Isa 32:9-20).

Glorious hope: A king reigns in righteousness, rulers rule with justice (Isa 32:1).

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