Sin That Will Not Be Atoned For (Isaiah 22)

This prophecy/oracle (Isa 22:1-25) about Jerusalem shows the world growing dark, for the people were engaged in their mindless parties and celebration, instead of being in deep repentance for their sins (Isa 22:1-14).

God Has a Day of Terror (Isa 22:1-14)

Foreseeing the destruction of Jerusalem (Isa 22:1-3; 2 Ki 25:4), Isaiah expresses his sorrow over his people (Isa 22:4). Jerusalem's fall is the will of God: "The Lord, the LORD Almighty, has a day of tumult and trampling and terror in the Valley of Vision..." (Isa 22:5a). When Jerusalem is invaded (Isa 22:6), their revelry (Isa 22:2) will be replaced by enemy chariots (Isa 22:7). Jerusalem paid attention to their military readiness, but disregarded the sovereign God who controls history. Isa 22:10-11 say, "You counted the buildings in Jerusalem and tore down houses to strengthen the wall...but you did not look to the One who made it, or have regard for the One who planned it long ago." Though God called for their repentance (Isa 22:12,13), they were determined to live it up, eating and drinking (1 Cor 15:32). Their sin of looking away from God to self-rescue will not be atoned for (Isa 22:14).

Isaiah addresses 2 officials in Jerusalem, one worthless, one worthy (Isa 22:15-25)

God dismissed Shebna from high office because he used his position for his own name and security (Isa 22:15-19). Then God promotes Eliakim to Shebna's office (Isa 22:20-24), though Eliakim cannot support the weight of Jerusalem's problem (Isa 22:25).

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