How The Holy Spirit Helped Me To Marry

One of the best stories of my life is that in 1981 the Holy Spirit led me to marry a woman I really did not want to marry (my present wife, Christy Toh), because she looked rather tough and domineering to my eyes. I had shared about this in a blog entitled If Not For UBF I Would Not Have Married.

I was hoping to marry a demure, petite, frail, fragile and foxy sort of woman. I was also expecting to marry a Chinese woman. But the Holy Spirit did not grant me my wish. Instead, the Holy Spirit compelled me to marry Christy by faith in God, trusting and believing that God knew me better than I knew myself. Last year I shared about 12 things I learned after 32 happy years of marriage.

Indeed the Holy Spirit hindered my hope to marry a foxy Chinese woman and led me to marry a tough American woman I was deathly afraid of marrying. Yet, now looking back it was without a doubt one of the principle leadings of the Holy Spirit in my life.