Destruction and Deliverance (Isaiah 9-10)

Isaiah 9:8-10:34; 10:21

"A remnant will return, a remnant of Jacob will return to the Mighty God" (Isa 10:21, NIV).
  1. The coming destruction of Israel (9:8-10:4). [The Lord's anger against Israel; His anger is not turned away; The arm of the Lord protects Judah.] For the Lord's people everything depends on their reaction to his word. When the word came to Jacob (Isa 9:8) and they chose rather the way of self-sufficiency (Isa 9:9-10), everything else followed as night follows day. In a four-stanza poem, Isaiah traces out the terrifying consequences of abandoning revealed truth. The four stanzas are marked off by a refrain (Isa 9:12, 17, 21; 10:4).
    • National disaster (9:8-12): Arrogance.
    • Political collapse (9:13--17): Poor leadership.
    • Social anarchy (9:18-21): Terrible judgment.
    • Blatant misrule and oppression (10:1-4): Injustice .
  2. The futile boasting of Assyria (10:5-19). [Isaiah 10: The destroyer will be destroyed; Divine judgment; God's judgment on Assyria.]
    • The delusion of "I'm doing what I want" (10:5-11). Assyria's pride is condemned.
    • The delusion of "I did it" (10:12-15). Assyria's arrogance.
    • God shows who did what (10:16--19). God pronounces judgment on Assyria, leaving only a pathetic shadow of the once mighty nation, while judgment on Israel leaves a truly believing remnant (Isa 10:20-23).
  3. The deliverance by the Lord (10:20-34). [The believing, obeying remnant.] The Lord never deserts his people nor allow them to come to an end, no matter how great the odds are against them.
    • A remnant will be saved (10:20-23). A remnant will return.
    • Don't fear the Assyrians; my anger will subside (10:24-27). Judah will be oppressed by Assyria.
    • The defeat of Assyria [Sennacherib] foretold (10:28-34).
  1. Outline of Isaiah Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12 —The arm of the Lord and the kingdom of Christ.