Isaiah Outline 2015

Key Verses: Isaiah 6:8; 12:2; 45:22; 48:11; 53:5
  1. Judgment from the Holy One of Israel (1-39): The Assyrian period. Conflict and victory.
  2. Salvation from the grace of the Suffering Servant (40-66): The Babylonian period. Hope in troubled times.

  1. The Holy Judge (1-12).
  2. The Sovereign King (13-39).
  3. The Suffering Servant (40-55).
  4. The Final Conqueror (56-66).

Isaiah (J. Alec Motyer)
  1. The book of the King (1-37). [God's judgment on Israel {Judah and Jerusalem} by Assyria (740-700 B.C.)]
  2. The book of the Servant (38-55). [The exiles in Babylon (600-539 B.C.)]
  3. The book of the Conqueror (56-66). [The remnant after her return from Babylon (539-500 B.C.)]
The Message of Isaiah (Barry G. Webb)
  1. The Lord is king (1-12). [Prophesies concerning Judah and Jerusalem.]
  2. Lord of the nations (13-27). [Prophesies concerning the nations.] [God's judgment and grace for the world.]
  3. Human schemes and God's plans (28-35). [The source of true deliverance.] [God pronounces woe to worldly alliances.]
  4. In whom shall we trust? (36-39). [Historical interlude.] [Good and bad Hezekiah. God alone is good and is man's only hope.]
  5. Comfort my people (40:1-51:11). [The only true God versus idols.]
  6. Grace triumphant (51:12-55:13). [Salvation through the suffering servant.]
  7. Waiting for a new world (56-66). [The future glory of God's people.] [How to prepare for the coming glory.]
The book of Isaiah can be divided into two major parts (Executable Outlines):
  1. The Assyrian Period (ch. 1-39).
  2. The Babylonian Period (ch. 40-66).
General Outline:

I.  The Assyrian Period: Conflict and Victory (1-39)
  1. Prophecies concerning Judah and Jerusalem (1-12). The Lord is king.
  2. Prophecies concerning the nations (13-27). Lord of the nations.
  3. The source of true deliverance (28-35). Human schemes and God's plans.
  4. Historical interlude (36-39). In whom shall we trust?
II.  The Babylonian Period: Hope for Troubled Times (40-66)
  1. The only true God versus idols (40-48). Comfort my people.
  2. Salvation through the suffering servant (49-53). Grace triumphant.
  3. The future glory for God's people (54-66). Waiting for a new world.
  1. Isaiah outline from 2010.
  2. Isaiah: God Is My Salvation.
  3. Pictorial Overview: Chart of the Book of Isaiah.
  4. Outline of Isaiah.pdf. 22 pages.
  5. An Outline of Isaiah.
    1. Revealing our weaknesses (1-39).
    2. Dealing with our weaknesses (40-66).