Justice Will Prevail (Psalm 9-10)

Psalm 9:1-10:18; 7-8

"But the Lord sits enthroned forever; he has established his throne for justice" (Ps 9:7, ESV). "He will judge the world with justice and rule the nations with fairness" (Ps 9:8, NLT).

The Greek and Latin versions have combined Psalm 9-10 as a single psalm (with a broken or incomplete acrostic with several letters of the alphabet missing or out of order). Both psalms refer to God's interest in "the oppressed" (Ps 9:9; 10:18), both mention "times of trouble" (Ps 9:9; 10:1), both call on God to "arise" (Ps 9:19; 10:12), and both are sure that God will not "forget the afflicted" (Ps 9:12; 10:12). [On the other hand, there are enough differences to justify finding two Psalms here: the tone of Psalm 9 is predominantly praise and thanks, while that of Psalm 10 is largely lament.] Noting much overlap between both psalms, Derek Kidner titles Psalm 9 as "God: King and Judge," and Psalm 10 as "Man: Predator and Prey." Man is also both the oppressor and the oppressed. Consider Psalm 9-10 in three parts:
  1. God is King and Judge on His Throne (Ps 9:1-12).
  2. God Seems Far Away Because Present Troubles Are Near and Real (Ps 9:13-10:6).
  3. God Listens to the Afflicted and the Oppressed (Ps 10:7-18); God's Justice Will Prevail.
Recap of Psalms:
  1. Happiness (Psalm 1): The Secret of Happiness.
  2. Sovereignty (Psalm 2): God's King Rules.
  3. Confidence (Psalm 3): Fearless Before Adversaries; Confident When Condemned.
  4. Peace (Psalm 4): Peace When In Pain.
  5. Joy (Psalm 5): Joy Among Liars.
  6. Agony (Psalm 6): Barely Able To Pray.
  7. Vindication (Psalm 7): Slandered, Opposed and Attacked.
  8. Man (Psalm 8): What is Man.
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