Face and Fight Fright with Faith, not Fear or Flight (Psalm 11)

Psalm 11:1-7; 7

"For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice; the upright will see his face" (Ps 11:7, NIV).

Psalm 11 expresses the confidence that the faithful have, even in a time of severe crisis. Two different "voices" were speaking to David ("flee in fear" or "fight with faith") in a context of personal or national crisis. David made up his mind to trust only in the Lord. The psalm is adaptable to a variety of desperate situations, showing how to face them in faith.
  1. Flee in Fear (1-3).
  2. Fight with Faith (4-7).
Recap of Psalms:
  1. Happiness (Psalm 1): The Secret of Happiness.
  2. Sovereignty (Psalm 2): God's King Rules.
  3. Confidence (Psalm 3): Fearless Before Adversaries; Confident When Condemned.
  4. Peace (Psalm 4): Peace When In Pain.
  5. Joy (Psalm 5): Joy Among Liars.
  6. Agony (Psalm 6): Barely Able To Pray.
  7. Vindication (Psalm 7): Slandered, Opposed and Attacked.
  8. Man (Psalm 8): What is Man.
  9. Justice (Psalm 9-10): Justice Will Prevail.
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