God is Man's Salvation (Isaiah 12)

Isaiah concludes chs. 6-12 by foreseeing the day when God's people will praise him for the abundant joys of his salvation.

God's salvation (Isa 12:1,2)

God was angry with his people when they rejected God (Isa 1:2-4), God's law and God's word (Isa 5:24,25). But "in that day, you will say: 'I will praise you, Lord. Although you were angry with me, your anger has turned away and you have comforted me'" (Isa 12:1). God's anger turned away was not on account of his people, but of his own initiative, based on his mercy and grace (Isa 6:6,7; 53:4-6). Only God's supernatural deliverance takes away our fear, and is our true source of strength, song and salvation (Isa 12:2,3).

Man's response (Isa 12:3-6)

Man's only appropriate response to God's salvation is to give praise and thanks to him with shouts of joy and exhilaration for all the glorious things that he has done for us. And we sing of God's greatness "among the nations" and "to all the world" (Isa 12:4,5). Because of God's gracious intervention, the sinner's greatest dread (Isa 6:3-5) becomes his ultimate joy.

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