Are You Growing? (Hebrews 12)

Briefly, Hebrews chapters 1-10 expounds on the superiority of Jesus, and exhorts Christians to persevere in the faith. Chapter 11 gives example after example of believers who have gone before us, who despite tremendous hardships and trials, persevered to the end. So, Hebrews 1-10 says, "Stay with Christ," and Hebrews 11 says, "Look at those who did."

Hebrews 12 is again another exhortation in light of everything that has been said so far, so that we may be sanctified and grow. How?

  1. Throw off sin that so easily entangles (1) -- the sin of legalism by depending on the law of Moses.
  2. Run with perseverance (1)
  3. Fix our eyes on Jesus (2)
  4. Consider Jesus who endured hostility (3)
  5. Know that our struggle against sin has not shed our blood (4)
  6. Embrace God's painful discipline as His deepest love for us (5-13)
  7. Strive for peace with everyone, for holiness, for the grace of God (14-17)
  8. Fear God who is a consuming fire (18-29)

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