Selfless Love

Selfless love (1 Cor 13:4-7) is:
  1. Patient. The Greek word comes from two words meaning, "long-tempered."
  2. Kind. A person who is gentle, has an ability to soothe hurt feelings, to calm an upset person, to help quietly in practical ways...
  3. Not jealous.
  4. Not arrogant, does not brag.
  5. Not to act unbecomingly.
  6. Not to seek its own.
  7. Not provoked.
  8. Not to take into account a wrong suffered.
  9. Not to rejoice in unrighteousness but to rejoice in the truth.
  10. To bear all things.
  11. Believe all things.
  12. Hope all things.
  13. Endure all things.

  1. How does patience in love fit in with not tolerating sin? Does patience (even God's patience) have a limit?
  2. Love does not get provoked and yet God gets angry at our sin. How do you reconcile this? Is it wrong to get provoked about someone's sin?
  3. Love always trusts. But is it loving to trust a person who has repeatedly violated our trust? Where do you draw the line?
  4. What would you say to someone who said, "Love is more important than doctrinal purity"? Can we love apart from truth?