Peace Like A River

  1. Peace Like a River (Isaiah 47-48). O That My People Listen.
    1. The tragedy of idolatry (Isaiah 47): What sinners deserve. [Listen to what happens to idolators.]
    2. The triumph of grace (Isaiah 48): What sinners NEVER deserve. [Listen to the truth about yourself and about God.]
  2. The God of Self-Giving Love (Isaiah 52:13-53:12). The Servant's Shocking Salvation.
    1. (Success) Introduction (52:13-15): Success through suffering.

                      2. (Suffering) Why he was despised (53:1-3): Unattractive and sorrowful.

                                      3. (Significance) What his burden is (53:4-6): God laid our sins on him.

                      4. (Suffering) What his life as a servant was like (53:7-9): Meekness before violence and injustice voluntarily.

      5. (Success) What the nature of his servanthood is (53:10-12): Flourishing and exaltation through humiliation.

  3. The Invitation to Grace (Isaiah 54-55). A Time To Be Found.
    1. Command - Be Happy (Isaiah 54): Sing
      1. A barren woman having many kids (1-3).
      2. A lonely woman loved by the man of her dreams (4-10).
      3. A broken city rebuilt with jewels (11-17).

II. Invitation - Be Even Happier (Isaiah 55): Come

  1. You're gonna get free food and drinks at a gourmet restaurant (1-3).
  2. You're gonna be gorgeous (4-5).
  3. You're gonna be forgiven (6-9).
  4. You're gonna flourish (10-11).
  5. You're gonna dance (12-13).