Not Remembering and Not Trusting God (Isaiah 17-18)

Isaiah 17-18

"For you have forgotten the God of your salvation and have not remembered the Rock of your refuge..." (Isa 17:10, ESV).

Wherever Judah looks, to the west (Philistia), east (Moab), north (Damascus/Aram) or south (Egypt), she sees only nations whose glory is fleeting and whose fate is sealed. There is nowhere she can look for her own security but to the Lord, who is the Lord of history and the judge of them all.
Theology in three words: Remember the Lord. Do not forget. You shall remember.

God's Plans for Damascus--and Israel (17:1-18:8) [Gary Smith]
  1. Damascus and Israel Will Lose Their Fertility (17:1-11).
    1. Key cities of Syria and Israel will disappear (1-3).
    2. Israel will be gleaned with few gleanings left (4-6).
    3. People will reject idols and turn to God (7-8).
    4. Judah warned not to follow Israel's path (9-11).
  2. God Will Rebuke the Raging Nations (17:12-14).
  3. Cush Will Honor God for Destroying Its Enemies (18:1-7).
    1. Instructions for messengers of Cush (1-3).
    2. God's message for Cush (4-6).
    3. Cush will honor God in Jerusalem (7).
Concerning Damascus (17:1-14); Messengers from Ethiopia (18:1-7) [Barry Webb]
  1. Syria and Israel (1-11).
    1. Judgment (1-6).
    2. Repentance (7-8).
    3. Judgment (9-11).
  2. Assyria (12-14): Judgment.
  3. Messengers from Ethiopia (18:1-7).
Damascus/Ephraim: the way of death and the promise of life (17:1-18:7) [J Alec Motyer]
  1. The two nations (17:1-11).
    1. Failed security (1-3).
    2. Explanations: destruction and survival (4-11).
  2. Many nations (17:12-18:7).
    1. World rule in principle (12-14).
    2. A signal to the world (18:1-7).
Damascus and northern Israel (17:1-14); Ethiopia (18:1-7) [Derek Kidner, NBC]