My Soul Waits for the Lord (Psalm 130)

Psalm 130:1-8; 6, 7

"My soul waits for the Lord, more than the watchmen for the morning; Indeed, more than the watchmen for the morning" (Ps 130:6, NASB). "Israel, put your hope in the Lord. For there is faithful love with the Lord, and with Him is redemption in abundance" (Ps 130:7, HCSB).

Psalm 130 is an individual lament, expressing penitence and trust in God's mercy. (The other six psalms with prominent penitential themes are Psalms 6, 32, 51, 102, 143).

  1. Motyer, J Alec. The Psalms. New Bible Commentary. Downers Grove, Illinois: Intervarsity Press, 1994. Psalm 130 - Forgiveness.
  2. ESV Study Bible. Psalm 130 - My Soul Waits for the Lord (6):
    1. O Lord, hear my cry for mercy (1-2).
    2. With you there is forgiveness (3-4).
    3. I earnestly wait for the Lord to hear me (5-8).
  3. Zemek, George. Road Maps for the Psalms: Inductive Preaching Outlines Based on the Hebrew Text. Valencia, CA: The Master's Academy International, 2006. Psalm 130. The psalmist wrestles with the realities of human sin and divine salvation in two areas:
    1. Personal (1-6).
    2. Corporate (7-8).
  4. The MacArthur Study Bible. Psalm 130 - Hope in the Lord's Forgiving Love:
    1. Urgent prayer of the psalmist (1-2).
    2. Magnified forgiveness of God (3-4).
    3. Waiting patience of the psalmist (5-6).
    4. Unique hope of Israel (7-8).
    1. Our nature contrasted with God's nature (1-4).
    2. Waiting for God to answer (5-6).
    3. Encouraging hope and patience in others (7-8).
  6. Psalm 130: Out of the Depths.
    1. Out of the depths of guilt and despair, you can cry out to God for mercy (1-2).
    2. God's forgiveness leads to fear, because without it you are doomed (3-4).
    3. Experiencing God's forgiveness makes you wait and hope for God Himself (5-6).
    4. Experiencing God's forgiveness makes you desire that others would also experience his abundant redemption (7-8).