Do Not Hide Your Face From Me (Psalm 102)

Psalm 102:1-28; 2

"Do not hide your face from me when I am in distress. Turn your ear to me; when I call, answer me quickly" (Ps 102:2, NIV).
  1. Pray for immediate divine help (1-11): Sickness in an ephemeral life.
  2. Be assured of God's eternal compassion (12-22): Security in an eternal Lord.
  3. Rely on God's unchanging eternity (23-28): Servants for an enduring Lord.
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  2. ESV Study Bible. Psalm 102 - Do Not Hide Your Face from Me (2):
    1. O Lord, hear me when I call (1-2).
    2. I am in distress as my enemies taunt ee (3-11).
    3. O Lord, you will have pity on Zion (12-17).
    4. Let them always remember this in Zion (18-22).
    5. O Lord, do not shorten my life (23-24).
    6. The Lord is eternal and his faithfulness outlasts the world (25-28).
  3. Zemek, George. Road Maps for the Psalms: Inductive Preaching Outlines Based on the Hebrew Text. Valencia, CA: The Master's Academy International, 2006. Psalm 102: As the psalmist contemplates a great crisis, there are his three developing outlooks:
    1. Quite pessimistic (1-11).
    2. Very optimistic (12-22).
    3. More realistic (23-28).
  4. The MacArthur Study Bible. 
    1. A plea for immediate divine help (1-11).
    2. A perspective of God's sovereignty and eternality (12-22).
    3. A prayer for longer life (23-28).
  5. A Prayer of the Afflicted, Reassuring Himself in Yahweh' s Eternal Compassion for Zion. In Psalm 102, consider the psalmist's:
    1. Prayer for the Lord's quick response (1-2).
    2. Crushing malaise (3-11).
    3. Assurance of the Lord's eternal compassion for Zion (12-22).
    4. Reliance on God's unchanging eternity (23-28).
  6. Psalm 102 — Ashes, Tears, and Owls.