How Foolish to Reject God's Gracious Second Chance (Jeremiah 40-45)

Jeremiah 40-44 is a postscript of sorts, narrating the events that take place in Judah in the aftermath of the Babylonian invasion. The point, however, is to explain how those who remained in Judah rejected God's offer of blessing and restoration, and thus removed themselves and their descendants as candidates to participate in the great restoration promised in Jeremiah 30-33, where God gives his people a new heart, one heart and one way. Ch. 45 is the "deliverance oracle" concerning Baruch, which relates to a lament by Baruch about the burden of his task (Jer 45:3), since he shared firsthand in the grief and frustration of Jeremiah. It contains both a gentle rebuke and a great encouragement.

Jeremiah 40-45: Rejecting God's Gracious Second Chance; A Remnant Flees to Egypt
  • 40-43 (events in Judah): It is foolish to reject God and his offer of deliverance; it is even more foolish to do so twice.
    • 40-41: The murder of Gedaliah, the governor appointed by Nebuchadnezzar.
    • 42: Do not go to Egypt.
    • 43: To Egypt.
  • 44-45 (events in Egypt): When God offers someone a second chance, it is foolish and irrational to reject it.
    • 44: A final appear and the refusal to listen.
    • 55: A word for Baruch