An Acts 20 Christian

Acts 20:17-38
  1. Transparency: Always living transparently among people (Ac 20:18).
  2. Humility: Serving God with humility and tears while severely tested (Ac 20:19).
  3. Teaching: Preaching privately and publicly from house to house (Ac 20:20).
  4. Basics: Everyone must turn to God in repentance and faith (Ac 20:21).
  5. Confidence: No anxiety about not knowing what will happen in the future (Ac 20:22).
  6. Fearless: No problem with facing prison and hardships (Ac 20:23).
  7. Singular goal: Life's only aim of always testifying to the gospel of the grace of God (Ac 20:24).
  8. Letting go: Able to let go of his disciples and not see them again (Ac 20:25).
  9. Clear conscience: Innocent of not hurting others (Ac 20:26).
  10. Thoroughness: Proclaiming the whole counsel of God (Ac 20:27).
  11. Healthy introspection: Keeping watch over oneself and others (Ac 20:28).
  12. Foresight: Aware of savage opposition toward the weak and vulnerable (Ac 20:29).
  13. Betrayal: Betrayal and distortion of the truth from within (Ac 20:30).
  14. Repetition: Repeated urgent constant daily warning to be on guard (Ac 20:31).
  15. Entrusting to God: Not holding onto but committing others to God (Ac 20:32).
  16. No covetousness: No coveting of what is desired (Ac 20:33).
  17. Responsibility: Responsible to support oneself (Ac 20:34).
  18. Industry: Working hard to help the weak (Ac 20:35a).
  19. Self-giving: True blessedness is in giving, not receiving (Ac 20:35b).
  20. Authenticity: Collective prayer, weeping, embracing and grieving (Ac 20:36-38).