See The King in His Beauty (Isaiah 33): Questions

Isaiah 32-33 is about a king (32:1; 33:17), who is the Lord (33:22). Isaiah 32-33 tells us about:
  1. A king and his kingdom (32:1-20). Righteous King, New Society (32:1-20). A king of righteousness and peace (Isa 32:1,17). 
  2. A king who is exalted (33:1-16). Be Our Strength Every Morning (33:1-16). Dwell with Fire on the Heights (Isa 33:14-16). Be our strength every morning (Isa 33:2).
  3. A king in his beauty (33:17-24). See The King In His Beauty (33:17-24). Your eyes will see the king (Isa 33:17; 6:5).
[Skim Isaiah 33. What is its tone? Compare to Isaiah 28 and notice the changing proportions.]
  1. [33:1–6] What was the focus of the first five "woes" in Isaiah 28-33? How is this one different? What will happen to those who plunder others (1)? Who might the betrayer be (33:8; 2 Ki 18:13-16)?
  2. In times of distress what does God desire of his people (33:2; 30:18)? Whose help has proven useless (30:7; 31:1)? How is the plundering described (3-4)? Who is always able to deliver from distress (5-6)? What seven gifts does the exalted reigning king bestow on his people (5-6)? What are some ways that you can practice this in your life?
  3. [33:7–9] What suffering is described (7-9)? To whom is this referring? What is Isaiah doing here that is typical of him? What is the only hope in times of hopelessness (10-12)? Whose power will prevail, Assyria or God's (13)?
  4. [33:10–16] What happens when God is exalted and decides to act (5, 10-12)? Who will be afraid (33:13-14; 2:6-22)? Who will be secure (15-16)? Who can dwell with "consuming fire" and "on the heights" (14-16)? What blessings will he receive (15-16)? There is no mention of grace (14-16). Are we talking about salvation by works? Why or why not (33:24)?
  5. [33:17–22] How does the promise of Isa 33:17 relate to Isa 6:5b? What will righteous people see (17)? What does this king offer us (Isa 33:17, 20, 22, 24)?
  6. What does 33:18-20 say about God's purpose in judgment (Isa 28:11; 29:14)? What would God's people no longer see (Isa 33:18-19)? Instead, where would they look and what would they see (Isa 33:20)? What would Zion become (Isa 33:20-21)? What is the river a symbol of (Isa 48:18; 66:12; Ps 46:64)?
  7. How is God described (Isa 33:22)? What will He do for the people? What do the three roles (Isa 33:22) tell us about God and our relationship to him? How does Isa 33:21 fit this description?
  8. [33:23–24] What will happen to the prey of the plunderer? To those in the city (Isa 33:23-24)? What is promised to us (23b-24)? What will God do for the inhabitants (Isa 33:24)?