Isaiah 2015 at West Loop, Philippines and Malaysia

The key verses for the rest of my life emphasize "the gospel of the grace of God" (Acts 20:24) and "the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27). As part of the whole counsel of God, I was inspired to study Isaiah in 2015. I have been reluctant to study Isaiah because it is 66 chapters in length! But as I studied and prepared for each sermon each week in 2015, I have been in awe with wonder as to the depth and scope and majesty of Isaiah.

So far I have preached 23 sermons from the first 28 chapters of Isaiah (West Loop sermons from Isaiah). Very briefly, here are ten life lessons from Isaiah:
  1. Grace: The grace of God (Isa 1:18; 5:4).
  2. Stupidity: The stupidity of man (Isa 1:3; 28:23-29).
  3. Hypocrisy: The fake Christian life (Isa 1:13; 29:13).
  4. Authenticity: The real Christian life (Isa 2:5, 3; 7:4; 8:12b-13).
  5. Disillusionment: The sure disappointment (Isa 2:22; 22:8-11; 31:1).
  6. Calling/Theophany: The call and the vision (Isa 6:1, 5, 8).
  7. Faith: The challenge (Isa 7:9b; 26:4).
  8. Wonder: The perennial solution (Isa 9:6; Isa 26:3).
  9. Security: The eternal kingdom (Isa 11:6-9; 25:6-8; 26:19; 28:16).
  10. Certainty: The only salvation (Isa 12:2; 25:9).
Not only at West Loop UBF but in November and December 2015 I also taught and preached on Isaiah for 3 weeks in Philippines UBF in Manila. I also met with Malaysia UBF in Kuala Lumpur and had several group Bible studies on Isaiah, and preached on Isaiah 6 at their newly rented Bible house. Thank God for the flourishing work of God being carried out in Philippines and Malaysia UBF. God willing, I may continue to visit and be encouraged by them in 2016 and beyond. God willing, we may have an Isaiah conference with the theme: My Eyes Have Seen the King (Isa 6:5) with the following sermons:
  • Isaiah 1 (The problem): No calling. No vision.
  • Isaiah 6 (The solution): Hear the call. See God.
  • Isaiah 7 (The challenge): Trust God.
  • Isaiah 9 (The child): The one you trust.
God willing, we may finish studying and preaching through the book of Isaiah in 2016 at West Loop.