Isaiah preaching schedule Jan-Feb 2016

Over the years, Isaiah has come to be known as "the prince of the prophets." Isaiah is like a modern symphony, with themes appearing and reappearing in fascinating harmony. The book of Isaiah seems to address at least two, and perhaps three different historical settings:
  1. 1-39 (740-700 B.C.): Isaiah's own times.
  2. 40-55 (585-540 B.C.): Judean exiles in Babylon.
  3. 56-66 (539 B.C. onwards): Reflecting on conditions in Judah after the return from exile.
Tentative Plan and Dates for Isaiah Sermons in 2016:
  • Isaiah 29 (1/10/16): Hypocrisy Hidden by Heeding Human Rules. Hypocrisy, heeding rules and hiding from God. Enforcing rules blind you to God and his word. Bad leadership emphasizes obeying human rules and tradition. (Link - Bad Leaders Produce Hypocritical Worship.)
  • Isaiah 30 (1/17/16): God Waits Though Man Rejects Repentance and Rest. God graciously waits for us to repent and rest in him. (Link - God Graciously Waits.)
  • Isaiah 31 (1/24/16): The Way Woe Enters. God delivers and blesses those who trust him. (Link - What Are You Trusting In?)