Invitation to James: Persevering through Trials to Win the Crown (Review)

Invitation to James: Persevering through Trials to Win the Crown, Biblical Preaching for the Contemporary Church (Wooster, OH: Weaver, 2014), Donald R. Sunukjian.

Biblical Preaching for the Contemporary Church made the Bible come alive. This small book of just 123 pages is not a technical commentary on James, but a very practical pastoral guide through James. Its intention is to help preachers learn how to effectively preach through James. Sunukjian's preaching style--which is slightly edited for the book in order to preserve its oral style--is amicable and relevant to our modern day experiences. His elaborate and interesting introductory stories and illustrations that starts each of the 14 sermons (see list below) make this already practical letter very relevant and relatable to the issues that all of us encounter in life and especially in the church.

A free PDF can be excerpted here.I received a free copy of this book from Cross Focused Reviews on behalf of Weaver Book Company.

  1. A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (James 1:1–4)
  2. Knowing What’s Going On (James 1:5–12
  3. Keeping the Trial from Becoming a Temptation (James 1:13–21)
  4. The Mirror (James 1:22–27)
  5. Impartial Love (James 2:1–13)
  6. Living, Loving, Lasting Faith (James 2:14–26)
  7. Tongue in Check (James 3:1–12)
  8. Wise or Otherwise (James 3:13–18)
  9. He Gives More Grace (James 4:1–6)
  10. Not Thy Will but Mine Be Done (James 4:7–12)
  11. Don’t Leave Home without It (James 4:13–17)
  12. Money Talks (James 5:1–6)
  13. The Moment of the Lord’s Mercy (James 5:7–12)
  14. The Prayer of Faith (James 5:13–20)