Gospel Enthusiasm

Romans 1:7-15

"That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel also to you who are in Rome" (Rom 1:15, NIV).

In Rom 1:7-15, Paul expresses eagerness, enthusiasm, energy and excitement (not reluctance or unwillingness) in his:
  1. greeting (Rom 1:7).
  2. thanksgiving (Rom 1:8).
  3. preaching of the gospel (Rom 1:9, 15).
  4. prayers (Rom 1:10).
  5. longing to share some spiritual gift (Rom 1:11).
  6. desire for mutual encouragement (Rom 1:12).
  7. transparency about his intention and desire for a harvest (Rom 1:13).
  8. sense of debt to all people (Rom 1:14).

  • How would you explain and reconcile faith and obedience (Rom 1:5).
  • What is the gospel (Rom 1:1-7)? Share your gospel story.
  1. What are the three ways that Paul refers to the Christians in Rome (Rom 1:7)?
  2. What did Paul say about their faith (Rom 1:8)? Why?
  3. What assurance did Paul give them (Rom 1:9)?
  4. What was Paul's specific prayer request (Rom 1:10)?
  5. What reasons did Paul give as to why he wanted to see them (Rom 1:11-13)?
  6. What obligation (debt) did Paul owe (Rom 1:14a)?
  7. To whom did Paul seek to preach to (Rom 1:14b-15)? Define the terms and explain the difference.
  8. What can you learn from Paul's eagerness to preach the gospel in Rome (Rom 1:15)?
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