Being United Despite Having Irreconcilable Differences

1. Make a plan and stick to it                             1. Make a plan and constantly change it

2. Have one clear direction                                 2. Have many options at the same time

3. Start in the shallow end                                   3. Jump in the deep end

4. Take small steps                                              4. Bite off more than one can chew

5. Take time                                                         5. Take as little time as possible

6. Slow                                                                   6. Fast

7. Live within comfort zone                                    7. Live on the edge

8. Avoid conflicts                                                   8. Thrive on conflicts

9. Process oriented                                                9. Goal oriented

10. Irreconcilable differences are no good           10. Irreconcilable differences are great

11. Hate lists like this                                            11. Love lists like this

12. Take precaution before hand                          12. Will cross the bridge when we get there

13. Pay off the company first                                 13. Pay off family and friends first

14. "You're stubborn and inflexible"                       14. I'm willing to compromise

15. "You'll never change"                                      15. I want to change