The Theology of Deuteronomy for Preachers

Preach the gospel from Deuteronomy by Gary Millar (TGC 2013). 4 reasons why Deuteronomy should be studied and preached:
  1. Deuteronomy is an actual biblical sermon. Ecclesiastes is an evangelistic sermon. Hebrews is a sermon. But they can't compare with the richness and pathos and the depth of Deuteronomy. After 40 years of wondering in the wilderness Moses gives one of the greatest speeches of all time. Millar heard John Stott's last public speech and everyone was in tears, for they grew up in Britain on readying and studying John Stott.
  2. Deuteronomy is the climax of the Pentateuch. After reading Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers we should read... Deuteronomy is about God's unfolding rescue plan, about the shape of gospel obedience, about the covenant, about the gospel, etc, etc. 
  3. Deuteronomy is the foundation of the rest of the OT. One needs to get Deuteronomy before one gets 1, 2 Kings, wisdom literature, Paul and Jesus. 
  4. Deuteronomy is the key to biblical theology. Daniel Block talks about the gospel according to Deuteronomy. The Torah of Moses is not some abstract idea of Law, but is actually Deuteronomy, which is then actually gospel, rather than law according to theological categories. In Psalms, O, how I love your law, actually means O, how I love your gospel. Whatever Deuteronomy is it is not a law book. It is nothing like a second law.

How to preach the gospel from Deuteronomy in 7 steps plus 2 P.S.
  1. Moses' theology of sin (ch. 1-3): how to get under people's skin.
  2. Moses' theology of the talking God (ch. 4).
  3. Moses' theology of covenant (ch. 5).
  4. Moses' theology of the gospel driven life (ch. 6-11).
  5. Moses' theology of obedience in all of life (ch. 12-26).
  6. Moses' theology of blessing and curse (ch. 27-28).
  7. Moses' theology of the new covenant.
2 P.S.:
  1. Moses' theology summed up (ch. 32).
  2. How to keep your ministry in perspective (ch. 33-34).
This is preached theology. It needs to be felt and understood. It needs to be heard and lived. We are handling a sermon. This is not a systematic theology.

Deuteronomy 5:1-33; Key Verse: Dt 5:1

"Hear, Israel, the decrees and laws I declare in your hearing today. Learn them and be sure to follow them."
In Deuteronomy 1-4 (Moses' first of three speeches), the following themes were considered:
  1. Sin (Dt 1): Your sin will find you out (Num 32:23). It brings dire consequences. It set the people of God back for 38 years.
  2. Leadership (Dt 1a): Delegation and justice are the key to good leadership.
  3. Faith (Dt 2-3): Faith expressed by obedience brings blessing.
  4. Obedience (Dt 4): "Hear" (the Law) has the sense of "obey." This is how we obey and why we obey (Dt 4:1-15).
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