2 Timothy 4

In verses 2 Tim 4:1–5 Paul had given his final charge to Timothy to preach God’s word and discharge all the duties of his ministry. In verses 2 Tim 4:6–8 he shares his own example to help Timothy carry out his daunting task with the spirit of martyrdom, looking forward to the glory to come.

1.       How did Paul view his present situation? (2 Tim 4:6) In the Old Testament, how was the drink offering related to the burnt offering? (Num 28:1–8) For what purpose was Paul being poured out as a “drink offering”? (2 Tim 2:10)

2.       Memorize verse 2 Tim 4:7. How did Paul summarize his life of faith? What do the metaphors of fighting a good fight and finishing a race teach about Christian life? How had Paul’s life illustrated this? (Ac14:19–22; 20:23–24; 21:13)

3.       What does it mean to “keep” the faith? (2 Tim 1:14; 2:8; 4:17) Why do we have to struggle and fight in order to do so? (2 Tim 3:1–5; 1:15; 2:17–18; 4:3,14–16) What can we learn from Paul who kept the faith to the end of his life?

4.       Read verse 2 Tim 4:8. What was Paul’s personal assurance and sense of victory? (8a) What will the Lord, the righteous Judge, do for those who keep the faith? (1:12) What is “the crown of righteousness”? (2 Tim 2:12a; Ro8:17; Lk22:28–30) Who receives this reward? (8b)

 Who left Paul, and why? (2 Tim 4:10,12) Why did he want Timothy and Mark to come quickly? (2 Tim 4:9,11,13) Whom did he warn Timothy about and why? (2 Tim 4:14–15) How did he describe his first defense? (2 Tim 4:16) How did God help him? (2 Tim 4:17) What assurance did this give him? (2 Tim 4:18) What were his final greetings and blessing? (2 Tim 4:19–22)